Folded Light Note Cards

These little note cards are simple and elegant.
The tri-fold design allows them to be opened the whole way so you can write on the inside without disturbing the cut-out.
The tri-fold cards are 4.25″ x 5.5″ using high quality Strathmore drawing paper, and come with an envelope that will go 1st class through US Mail.

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photo of Deer Family popup card

The Deer Family

Popup Cards

Pop-up cards were the first designs using paper and even though I haven’t designed any in years now, I still love the way a 2-dimensional design pops out to make it more 3-dimensional, and the way that the cut-out shadows and highlights the main subject. They are what gave me my fascination with paper, and I still tend to like things that have more depth.
I won’t be producing any more but I do still have quite a few in my inventory.
Please contact me to see what’s available.

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The popup cards are made with high quality card stock paper.
An A6 envelope is included (6.5″ x  4.75″), and they will go through US mail with a 1st Class stamp.











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