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In 2005 I purchased a book about pop-up cards by Paul Jackson and became fascinated with Kirigami, the Japanese art of cutting and folding paper. After completing several patterns from the book my own creativity kicked in and I started trying some of my own ideas. And quickly, my work evolved beyond pop-up cards to 3D models and relief projects as well as 2D paper cutting.  Everything you see on the site is individually cut and folded by hand. With the exception of the 3D birds that are designed by Johan Scherft and sold with his permission, all the things you see on the site are original copyrighted designs.


I’ve lived in the Capital District of New York State since 1997 and work full-time at one of the local colleges. I love to travel and I visit my family and friends often. Check out some of my other interests HERE


The Significance of the Dragonfly

framed dflyNative American legends tell us that Dragonfly Medicine brings us messages of wisdom from nature spirits – plants, rocks and the elements of air, earth, fire and water. Dragonfly wisdom helps us to break down illusions by encouraging us to look at things from all different perspectives.

I began working with paper by making pop-up cards. I was fascinated with the way the “image” popped out from the card and the way the cut-out highlighted the main subject. I love the way a 2-dimensional flat drawing can come alive as you open the card, allowing you to look at the subject from all different perspectives. Now, as my work evolves beyond popup cards, I still prefer things that have some dimension such as relief or 3D models.

My dragonfly logo reflects the Native American Dragonfly Medicine and, with its slightly Asian feel, also pays homage to the Japanese art of Kirigami.


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